Nimble in Our Approach to Serve Wholesalers and Retailers

Family-owned since 1955, E.A. Sween Company helps grocery stores, convenience stores, vending and micro markets, and food service providers overcome the challenges of providing consumers with safe, pre-packaged on-the-go food. The difference is a consumer-driven approach. We know retailers not only need products that last, but also products that taste and look delicious, are easy to merchandise, increase their profits and are created with the consumer in mind. Our brands deliver just that.

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Industries We Serve

Convenience Stores

As the #1 branded lunch sandwich provider, we offer you great products that grow your profits. E.A. Sween is the partner of choice to help stock your store with top-selling products.

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Grocery Stores

When you partner with E.A. Sween, you get more than just quality food—you get a partner who is invested in your success. We offer a wide variety of grab-and-go foods that can save on labor for on-site made sandwiches. Our Market Sandwich premium sandwiches and wraps tend to perform well in grocery deli case.

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Food Service

Appeal to every taste palette and reach across various dayparts. From early morning breakfast through late-night snacking, the E.A. Sween portfolio of brands offers unique flavors and formats to meet all consumer needs. Pre-packaged meal solutions are made with quality, great-tasting ingredients. And, because they’re ready to serve, you’ll reduce labor and food preparation time – simply remove from the package and plate it!

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Vending and Micro Markets

Partnership means decades, not years when you work with E.A. Sween. Our list of vending partners spans large, national organizations to smaller, regional groups. Regardless of size, E.A. Sween offers you the level of service you need to manage orders, delivery and payment, efficiently and effectively.

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E.A. Sween provides delicious solutions to military bases, from sandwiches to burritos, we offer a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

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Customers of all sizes love working with us

Retail, wholesale and distribution partners across channels work with E.A. Sween because of our commitment to hard work and results. Here are just a few of the partners we work with:
Their values, their understanding of the market, how they treat people as human beings, they are just a class act organization to deal with.
Scott Tomes
Chief Revenue Officer, Bongards Creameries
We make really good individually wrapped food on the go. Everyone is on the go; everyone is time starved. We want to be the food company that changes the perception of food on the go in America. That gets us excited. We have proven we can do it, which is pretty exciting. We are trying to align what we can do as a company to support that pain point or need that the consumers looking for and we want to leverage the fact that the consumer comes first. When we bring our customers in and partner with them and show them our capabilities; show them our production capabilities and our resources on how we can help them, they’re always amazed.
Tom Sween
President and CEO, E.A. Sween Company
With this company there is a lot of consistency and transparency and quite honestly profitability on the E.A. Sween line. You guys are a go to supplier when our customers are looking for high quality consistent sandwich items from a supplier they can trust. E.A. Sween has been an incredible partner for us over the last few years, especially recently through COVID. E.A. Sween has been very reliable for us. Our business stayed steady and it’s still growing, which has been great.
Abby Lancaster
Category Manager, Vistar
Most definitely what stands out when I think of EAS and my relationship here is team spirit, trust, autonomy to contribute and respect. It bleeds through all departments without question.
Lara Gallistel
VP of Sales, Convenience & Vending, E.A. Sween Company
Many suppliers are purely transactional; they don’t make the extra effort they treat it as just a transaction and get the task done and move on. Where E.A. Sween, specifically my representative has been great at getting in there and truly partnering. If you are looking for a quality supplier of packaged food products E.A. Sween needs to be part of the of the conversation. You need to learn what they can do for you and how you can truly partner and collaborate to grow your sales.
Michael Chesney
Category Manager, Cal’s Convenience, Inc.
I don’t know that I could ask for a better work relationship it really starts with the Sween’s going back three generations. To be honest, when you don’t have strong compassionate, goal orientated leadership then the ship kind of drifts, but that has never been the case with the Sween’s. They have given us clear and defined goals, and they come alongside us, and they partner with us in any way, shape or form they can do that.
Mike Titchenal
Account Executive, E.A. Sween Company
Everything you guys have come to the table with, you guys have been first class, top-notch all the way. The packaging, the marketing tools, everything you have come to the table with is without a doubt head of the class.
Mica Hollingsworth
Co-Founder, Finish Line Sales
We talk about partnership, innovation and success, they are words on a page, but I could give you example after example of where we did partner with a customer, we did try to innovate to solve their problem of what they had. The operative word there is earn their trust.
Bryan Virgin
Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, E.A. Sween Company
During my visit to their production facility I was very impressed by the stringent cleanliness protocols and the quality controls implemented throughout their production lines. It was wonderful to witness a 3rd generation family owned company with a great company culture with passionate employees.
David Cole
Plaid Pantry – Category Manager
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Convenience Without Compromise

We are committed to offering our partners the best food possible at a fair price. We are proud to offer convenient food options that are delicious, nutritious and affordable.

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Are you interested in carrying E.A. Sween products in your store or using our products in your food service business? We’d love to partner with you! Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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