BY E. A. Sween
February 17, 2022

Consumers are stopping into convenience stores for a quick lunch. Offering individually wrapped sandwiches for the lunch daypart increases the average ring


Lunch is one of the busiest dayparts for convenience stores. According to Acosta, 43% of C-store visits are mid-day (lunch or afternoon snack). When you combine an offering of easy lunch options and a positive shopping experience, you reduce the number of stops customers need to make; a win-win for everyone. The key to capturing these consumers is offering deli quality sandwiches in the C-store. When putting together a lunch offering product assortment, consider three elements.


1. Variety in Carrier Options is Key

Consumers want variety in carrier options, offering alternatives to classic white bread is important when determining product mix. Adding wheat or multigrain and tortilla wraps to your assortment can help capture the more health-conscious consumers. Some consumers are looking for legacy hot items that come with a bun. A submarine sandwich bun gives an actual sandwich shop feel. King’s Hawaiian® sweet buns make a fun slider sandwich to please those looking for comfort food. Pretzel buns, croissants, or bagels are a nice break from the norm. Different carrier options get people excited about individually wrapped sandwiches, and it is essential to match sandwich offerings with the consumers visiting the store.


2. Diversity in Protein Meets Consumer Needs

Consumers prioritize protein when they select their meals, and some crave a hot sandwich to keep them going. When it comes to warm sandwiches, beef and chicken are the most popular protein options. Turkey and ham are the top protein options when determining a cold sandwich assortment and should always be part of the mix. Salad sandwiches are also very popular, with chicken salad being the number one choice. Tuna and egg salads are great additions and a good way to offer something meat-free. Variety in the grab-and-go area catches consumers’ attention and increases the product’s appeal knowing they can get what they want without making another stop.


3. Flavor-up the Sandwich Offering

Sauces and spices add many flavors to sandwiches. Add-ons like pesto, hummus, and chipotle are a great way to show consumers your offerings are on-trend. The must-have cheeses are American and Cheddar. However, adding unique options like Havarti brings consumers desiring something with flair. Offering ranch, jalapeno, and Italian seasoning can flavor a classic sandwich and bring excitement to the shelf.

In summary, review consumer data when selecting on-the-go category management product mix. It is essential to stock the top-selling proteins and flavors then offer variety for consumers when choosing ready-to-eat sandwiches for your cooler case. Finally, align the offerings with customer segments through carriers, meat, and taste.

E. A. Sween
BY E. A. Sween