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Press Release: New Production Facility

County of Greenwood Press Release: E.A. Sween Company Opens New Production Facility Greenwood, S.C. – Greenwood County’s industrial partner, E.A. Sween Company, officially opened their new production facility yesterday. The plant, located in the North Greenwood Industrial Park, will run …

Understanding New Generational Dining Trends

Three factors shape the consumer’s dining preferences: • Consumer preferences • The individual’s lifestyle • Their generation To ensure your product mix meets the needs of your consumers, you’ll need to strongly consider all these factors. The data doesn’t lie. …

stocking a grocery store with market sandwich products
3 Bite-Sized Grocery Trends from 2023

This past year, economic inflation changed the way people shop for groceries. As prices go up, shoppers are adjusting their spending to fit their budgets. This has led to a shift in choices when it comes to buying food. Here …

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